An unparalleled
and immersive experience

Museum of Dreamers is the exhibition dedicated to dreamers that will transport you to a magical and astonishing world. Get ready to embark on an emotional journey through 21 incredible immersive installations! An enchanted forest, an upside-down apartment, a large ball pit, light games, and many other amazing attractions are waiting for you

A exhibition
for all dreamers.

The experience is open to everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, because dreaming has no age. Everyone can have fun, marvel, and be inspired along the journey where design, art, and technology merge for an engaging and interactive experience. Museum of Dreamers is pure magic, to be lived and shared.

Design &

A project by designers Elena and Giulia Sella, co-founders of Postology, a creative hub specialized in providing immersive and emotional experiences by combining creativity, design, communication, and technology.

Some of the installations.

You will discover that sometimes, all it takes is to change perspective to achieve an extraordinary result!
Show who you are: place yourself at the center of the installation and unleash your power... 360 degrees!
Show your light on the path of your dreams in the installation that inspires you to shine as brightly as possible.
Immerse yourself in a celestial backdrop, and you will find yourself in an ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere... a unique experience!
Sometimes all we need is a bit of magic. The only way to find it? Believe! The flower tunnel will catapult you into a world where nothing is impossible.
Having a clear destination is essential, but enjoying the present is equally important. Dive into the ball pit and... enjoy it today!
Walk through the tunnel of hearts and discover how the path to your dreams is guided by love and passion.
Even the biggest goals are achieved step by step. Climb the staircase and be amazed by the beautiful luminous panorama!
In this magical forest, nature lights up and comes to life! As in the most beautiful fairy tales, imagination makes everything possible.